The City and Emirate of Dubai’s mission
is to empower the usage of the its data.

Dubai Government’s policy framework is intended to develop and
implement a culture of data sharing and evidence-based
decision-making in Dubai and will serve
as a guide for all involved in the sharing of data.

In doing so, the Dubai Government aims to ensure the policy framework will be:

• Consistent with international best practices.
• Flexible and adaptable to new issues that arise.
• Encourage a culture of data sharing including with the
   private sector through Open Data, data shared between
   government entities, and data shared between
   government and private sector entities.
• An opportunity to inspire innovation across all sectors.
• Respecting the national security, privacy, confidentiality, commerce
   and intellectual property rights (IPRs).

A basic set of thirteen underpinning principles have been established which together describe the framework for future management of data.