For the Open Data initiative to be effective the data must be shared and available.

Open Data is provided by the Government or private sector entities to individuals, to be freely or subject to a minimum limit, used or exchanged with third parties.

Shared Data is defined as any data that does not qualify as Open Data under the Data Classification Framework. Shared Data owned by Government Entities should be made available for sharing and re-use by other Government Entities, with appropriate controls depending on whether it is further classified as Confidential, Sensitive or Secret Data as described in the Dubai Classification Framework.
The relationships between the different categories of Dubai Data are illustrated in this figure.

Open Data
Openly disclosed to everyone

Dubai Data
Owned by entities is made available for sharing and re-use by other entities

Shareable across entities according to professional responsibilities

Shareable within certain groups subject to strict controls

Shareable in a limited way between certain individuals under strict controls