The Dubai Data Classification Framework is developed around three features, which have been derived from the principles set out in the Dubai Data Policy Framework.

It sets out criteria for Government Entities to use when deciding, for each of their data sets, whether it should be Open or Shared. Furthermore, it assists Government Entities to further classify their Open Data according to its level of maturity, recognizing that ‘openness’ is a spectrum that can vary along multiple important dimensions.

The framework is depicted below through a process that ensures Government Entities properly classify their data sets.

Identify datasets for classification.

List all attributes for each dataset.

Identify which attributes cause the dataset to be considered Confidential or Sensitive vs. Open.

Split dataset based on attribute classification.

Classify values/types within any attributes that cause a secret, sensitive, or confidential scoring.
Review & Approval

Dubai Data Establishment (DDE) to review the classification.

DDE and entity to review and agree on the final classification.